Serviced and Virtual Offices, and Their Services

A serviced office is a physical room that has internet, kitchen, furniture, telephone and any other needed office equipment provided by its operator whereas a virtual office provides an address and communication services that can be used to promote businesses. A serviced office is more expensive than a virtual office and there is only one difference between the two. A serviced office involves a physical room whereas a virtual office is service-oriented. Serviced and virtual offices are mainly used to service small and medium organizations.Services OfferedServiced and virtual offices offer communication services that include a remote receptionist, office space, voicemail, call centers, phone answering services and a virtual assistant. Space services provided include a live virtual receptionist, internet, printers, phones, video conferencing facility, business lounge, kitchen, space for business meetings, receptionist, executive suits, mailing and professional addresses, a casual working space, a secretary, virtual office solutions and other business services that may be needed.End UsersThese offices can be used by businesses based at home, the trade industry, agencies, groups, sales representatives, law firms, accountants, senior managers, real estate businesses, doctors, stock brokers, instructors, consultants and other small businesses.Benefits OfferedIt does not matter whether you just established your business or you have been in business for a long time because benefits offered by the offices are immediately realized. These offices are less expensive as compared to traditional offices. They also ensure that your business maintains an image that is professional just like traditional offices.A virtual office allows you to expand your business at a lower cost and does not involve commuting to workplace that normally occurs every day. The office receptionists get rid of the burden that comes with having a real receptionist like insurance and payrolls.Serviced and virtual offices also allow you to focus only on your business growth as the rest is taken care of. These offices have short leasing periods, hence offering flexibility to either expand or reduce size. Businesses using serviced and virtual offices experience increased productivity and efficient operations leading to it achieving its goals. When a business is moved to a different place, it maintains its mailing address. A serviced office can also offer privacy if needed by a business.How to Find Office SpaceThere are many virtual/service office outsourcers that provide these services around the globe. A number of companies also exist that can assist you to find a provider that will help meet your goals and requirements. They can help you with the cost negotiations and in case of a service room, to visit the various sites and see what they offer in order to choose the best option available at no extra cost.Best Solution AvailableIf you are tired of the hassles associated with the traditional offices and want to focus on your business goals entirely, then this is the best option for you. The benefits of such offices are without a doubt immense.

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